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मुफ्त डाउनलोड बाइबिल नोट, शास्त्र और पुस्तकों के साथ कविता बाइबिल की शिक्षाओं से हिन्दी कविता। - Hindi verse by verse bible teachings
Oct 4th, 2015 by waynelampe at 12:55 am
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Matthew 24: Jesus said, "In the end there will be tribulation. Let those in Judea flee. The Son of Man will come in glory. No one knows the day."

Oct 3rd, 2015 by waynelampe at 12:50 am
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14_2CH200.jpg2nd Chronicles Chapter 23

2 Chronicles 23: Jehoiada gathered the Levites and anointed the king's son as king. Athaliah was killed. The people tore down the temple of Baal.
Oct 2nd, 2015 by waynelampe at 12:52 am
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Oct 1st, 2015 by waynelampe at 12:45 am
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14_2CH200.jpg2nd Chronicles Chapter 22

2 Chronicles 22: The people made Ahaziah king. He did evil and was killed by Jehu. Athaliah destroyed the royal family but Jehoshabeath hid Joash.
Sep 30th, 2015 by waynelampe at 12:36 am
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Matthew 22: Jesus said, "The kingdom is like a wedding." The Pharisees questioned him about the law. He said, "Love God and love your neighbour."

Sep 29th, 2015 by waynelampe at 12:37 am
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14_2CH200.jpg2nd Chronicles Chapter 21

Sep 28th, 2015 by waynelampe at 12:34 am
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Matthew 21: Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey. He healed and taught in the temple. "A man sent his son to his tenants, but they killed him."

Sep 27th, 2015 by waynelampe at 12:25 am
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14_2CH200.jpg2nd Chronicle Chapter 20

2 Chronicles 20: An army came against Jehoshaphat so he sought the LORD. Jahaziel said, "The battle is not yours but God's." The LORD set ambushes.
Sep 26th, 2015 by waynelampe at 12:31 am
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Matthew 20: "The kingdom is like a master paying wages." Jesus told the disciples, "The Son of Man came to give his life as a ransom for many."

Sep 25th, 2015 by waynelampe at 12:33 am
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14_2CH200.jpg2nd Chronicle Chapter 19

2 Chronicles 19: Jehoshaphat returned to Jerusalem. He appointed judges and said to them, "Judge carefully, for with the LORD there is no injustice."
Sep 24th, 2015 by waynelampe at 12:26 am
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Matthew 19: Jesus was asked about divorce. He said, "Do not separate what God has joined." He told a rich man, "Sell everything and follow me."

Sep 23rd, 2015 by waynelampe at 12:20 am
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14_2CH200.jpg2nd Chronicle Chapter 18

2 Chronicles 18: Ahab and Jehoshaphat planned for war. Micaiah said, "I saw Israel scattered. Your prophets are lying." Ahab was killed in battle.
Sep 22nd, 2015 by waynelampe at 12:28 am
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Matthew 18: Jesus said, "Become like children to enter the kingdom. A shepherd searches for the lost sheep. Forgive seventy times seven times."

Sep 21st, 2015 by waynelampe at 12:14 am
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14_2CH200.jpg2nd Chronicles Chapter 17

2 Chronicles 17: Jehoshaphat became king and was devoted to the LORD. He sent his officials to teach the law. He grew greater and built fortresses.
Sep 20th, 2015 by waynelampe at 12:34 am
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Matthew 17: Jesus took Peter, James and John and was transfigured. A voice said, "This is my son." Jesus healed an epileptic. Peter paid the tax.

Sep 19th, 2015 by waynelampe at 12:58 am
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2 Chronicles 16: Baasha fortified Ramah so Asa made a treaty with Ben-hadad. Hanani said, "You relied on Aram not the LORD." Asa became ill and died.

Sep 18th, 2015 by waynelampe at 12:33 am
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Matthew 16: Peter said, "You are the Christ." Jesus told them that he must be killed and be raised. He said, "Take up your cross and follow me."

Sep 17th, 2015 by waynelampe at 12:43 am
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2 Chronicles 15 2 Chronicles 15: Azariah said to Asa, "The LORD is with you when you are with Him. Do not give up." The people made a covenant to seek the LORD.

Sep 16th, 2015 by waynelampe at 12:32 am
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Matthew 15: Jesus challenged the Pharisees about tradition. He healed a Canaanite woman's daughter. He taught on the mountain and fed 4,000 men.

Sep 15th, 2015 by waynelampe at 12:41 am
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2 Chronicels 14: Asa became king. He did right in the sight of the LORD. Zerah the Ethiopian brought an army against Judah but the LORD routed them.